Cultural Awareness


The school is committed to creating and maintaining an ethos that encourages a positive attitude of respect and understanding towards other cultures, and enables the students and staff to make the most of cultural exchanges. This policy therefore aims to ensure that our school provides an environment in which students and staff are sensitive to and respect each other’s cultural differences and that students can integrate successfully into the wider community during their stay.

The school aims to:

  • promote, respect and enrich the staff and students’ knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity.
  • develop knowledge of a world where similarities and different cultures are accepted and respected.
  • help students to express themselves and practice their English both inside and outside of the school without causing offence or embarrassment.
  • develop a learning and work environment where everyone is valued and respected.


In order to achieve the above we have put the following procedures in place:

  • Key points about cultural awareness are brought to students’ attention in the welcome talks on their first day.
  • These points along with other important points are also mentioned in the student folders/handbooks in the ‘Advice for students in homestay and private home’, ‘English out there!’ and ‘Safety and Security’ sections.
  • All students are given a sheet with general tips on cultural awareness on their first day.
  • Discussion and activities around cultural differences feature regularly in our courses.
  • Cultural awareness forms part of the teachers’ professional development programme and staff are made aware of reference materials on the topic available in each teachers’ room.

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