Young Adult Summer Residence

During the summer period students aged 16 - 17 also have the option of staying in our Young Adult Summer Residence in Bristol near the city centre.

The ELC Bristol Young Adult Summer Residence is located just 5 minutes from the city centre and the lively harbourside. It is approximately 25 minutes' walk from school or an easy 10-minute journey by bus.

  • All rooms are fully-furnished lockable study bedrooms arranged in flats with 6 or 7 bedrooms.
  • You live in flats only with other ELC students under 18 plus the residence manager.
  • All bedrooms are fully en suite, with your own toilet and shower in your room.
  • We provide all bedding (duvet and duvet cover, pillow and pillow case, and sheets) but please bring your own towels and toiletries.
  • We organise a self-service breakfast for students in the flat.
  • Students have evening meals together in a local restaurant.
  • Each flat has a fully-fitted kitchen with crockery, cutlery, pots and pans provided. You can prepare your own lunches and snacks in the kitchen when you choose.
  • Laundry facilities are available in a separate part of the building, which you must pay for yourself.
  • Free 24-hour Wi-Fi access.

Students have access to the communal facilities of the ELC Bristol summer residence:

  • From July 15th, two student lounges with pool tables, table football, large-screen TVs, table tennis, quiet study room and on-site bike storage.
  • Laundry room (£3.30 per wash, £1.90 per dry) – students must do their own laundry and pay for it themselves.

23 June - 24 August 2024


£350 per week half-board for a single bedroom with full en suite


Pros & Cons of the Young Adult Summer Residence


  • There are lots of independent students living there, so it is a sociable place to live.
  • You will be living with people from lots of different countries.
  • All bedrooms are fully en suite (no homestays are).
  • It’s right near the city centre, with really good access to the shopping area and lively harbourside.
  • You will have more independence but still be in a very safe, cared-for environment with staff from the school and the residence there 24 hours to look after you. This is a good way to experience independent living while still being very well looked after and supported.
  • There are great communal facilities which you can enjoy and where you can meet other students. There is a large student common room with pool table, table football, large-screen TV, table tennis and sofas.
  • Secure access and on-site service team available.
  • We provide breakfast and dinner 7 days per week. You will also be able to prepare your own food in your flat kitchen whenever you want – something not normally possible in homestays.


  • You will be living with lots of other students, so there will be rules to follow. You will have to deal with rules about noise, curfews, smoking, etc.
  • You will need to be back in your flat by 22:30 from Sunday to Thursday, and by 23:00 on Friday and Saturdays.
  • You will have to share the kitchen space with other students, who might not be as clean and tidy as you would like them to be.
  • The residence is not a social area of the school. If you have a visitor, they are only allowed in the communal games and TV areas and they must leave by 22:00. They cannot visit your flats. You must also tell the Residence Manager if you have a visitor inside the residence.
  • You will have to wash all your laundry yourself (except sheets) but the Residence Manager is there to help you.
  • It is a 25-minute walk to the school.
  • There will be less contact with native English speakers compared to living with a homestay.

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