The Cambridge English LINGUASKILL Test in Bristol

ELC Bristol also offers the Cambridge English Linguaskill test. Students at any level can take the test during their time at ELC. The Linguaskill test has replaced what used to be the BULATS exam.

A user-friendly test

Linguaskill is an online and user-friendly English test. It is already widely recognised. Linguaskill is often used by businesses and individuals who want a fast, reliable and cost-effective way of measuring English language skills. The computer-based test assesses communication skills that you need in real business situations and working life in general.

Linguaskill Business

Linguaskill Business preparation is available for students in Bristol who are B2 Upper-Intermediate and above. They will also need to take the Business English elective class at ELC Bristol.

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Cambridge English Linguaskill Test

Test formats and task types

Linguaskill is a modular online test which assesses all four language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Read more.

The science behind the test

Cambridge Assessment's dedicated team of experts developed Linguaskill with significant testing. Speakers of over 40 languages from 50 countries trialled the test to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. Watch the video.

Presenting the results

Linguaskill presents results in a clear and easy-to-understand Test Report.
View a sample test report.

Practice materials for test-takers

Cambridge English offers a range of resources to help candidates who are preparing for a Linguaskill test. Read more.



Course facts

  • English courses at ELC Bristol include 21 full hours of classroom time per week plus daily homework.
  • Average class size: 10. Maximum: 14.
  • Minimum period of enrolment: 4 weeks.
  • You will normally receive around 30 to 45 minutes of homework.
  • As part of the course, there are regular timed exam practice and one-to-one tutorials.
  • Your ‘main’ teacher will co-ordinate your overall programme with a clear focus on student learning and progress. You will have up to three teachers each day.

Our students’ previous BULATS examination results

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