Your Homestay Accommodation in Bristol

Homestay accommodation at ELC Bristol is provided on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis and is the best way to experience the British way of life.

We visit and are in regular contact with all our accommodation providers but they are all quite different! Some of you may live with a family, others with a male or female on his or her own. Students may live in flats a 5-minute walk from school, others in large houses that may sometimes be up to 40 minutes away. Some of you will be the only student in the house, others may live with other students from the school.

One thing they have in common is that students who have stayed there in the past have been happy and have recommended the accommodation. Our school was established in 1969 and many of our homestays have been with us for years.

Below are some guidelines and advice to help you make the most of your homestay experience in Bristol.

Homestay facts

  • Homestay accommodation includes bed (single room), breakfast and an evening meal.
  • Staying with one of our homestays is the best way to experience the British way of life.
  • Most homestay accommodation is within walking distance of the school.
  • The average time to walk to school is 20 minutes.*
  • Students are able to purchase a student bus pass for £12.00 via the First Bus app

* During July and August, we occasionally place students with families who live outside our normal catchment area. These students may have to take a short bus or train ride to come to school. This may also occasionally be true for some students throughout the year, although we try our best to place all of our students as close to school as possible.


Advice for students in homestay and private accommodation

Student accommodation at ELC Bristol is so important and we want you to be happy. We visit and are in regular contact with all our accommodation providers. They are all quite different.

Homes and customs are different all over the world. Try to be flexible. When you don’t know what to do, ask! Remember the accommodation is not a hotel. Do not expect everything to be done for you. Try to help if you can, as if you were at home. The most important thing is that you are happy in your accommodation in Bristol. Here are some guidelines to help you feel at home.

More details

Your room: you should have a bed, desk, lighting and somewhere to hang and put your clothes. If something is missing, please ask. In winter, central heating is provided but usually not overnight. If you are cold, ask for extra blankets. Your homestay host will clean your room, but please keep it tidy and make your own bed.

Bathroom: Ask your homestay when it is convenient for you to have a bath or shower. Leave the bathroom clean and tidy and be careful not to get water on the floor. Sometimes the hot water supply may be limited so try not to spend too long in the shower!

Food and mealtimes: In England, breakfast is usually a ‘help yourself’ affair. In the evening you will eat with the homestay host. If there is anything you cannot eat, please tell your homestay. Please be at home in time for meals. If you do not require a meal or if you need to eat early so that you can take part in the social programme, it is important that you tell your homestay in advance.

Meals: During the week and at weekends lunch is not provided, so you will have to make your own arrangements.

Washing: The arrangements vary. Normally your homestay will wash one load of clothes once a week. Ask which day you should put your washing out. Sometimes, the homestay will ask you to use the washing machine yourself. Students do their own ironing and also their own hand washing. Ask where you should do this. The important thing to remember is to ask!

Money/valuables: Don’t leave valuables lying around. Ask your homestay host where the best place is to put things. If you have cash, open a bank account. We will help you do this.

Telephone: It is best not to use the house phone to make outgoing calls - except, of course, in emergencies. Most homestays do not mind receiving calls, provided they are not too long, too often, and not after 10.00 p.m. If you need to use the phone on a regular basis, we suggest you get a mobile.

Visitors: If you wish to invite your friends round in the evening, please ask your homestay first. Also, if you have family or friends visiting you while you are here, please don’t ask your homestay to let them stay. Ask in the office for a list of convenient hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation.

Staying out late: If you are going to stay out late, tell your homestay. Security is important so remember to lock the door when you come home and try to be quiet. If you decide to stay out all night, it is essential you let the family know.

Holidays: If you wish to go on holiday and it has been approved by the school, provided you give two weeks’ notice and provided you are away for a full week, you will be refunded half the accommodation cost.

Changing accommodation: If you want to change your accommodation for whatever reason, please remember that changes happen at weekends. You must remember to give one week’s notice within the first 4 weeks of your stay and two weeks’ notice after that. If you do not give enough notice, you will have to pay for those weeks as an accommodation charge.

We want you to be happy. If you have a problem, talk to your homestay first. It is surprising how many things are just misunderstandings! Remember, we are also here to help, so you can see our Homestay Manager at any time if there is anything you do not understand or feel unhappy about.

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