Meet The Team

We understand that living and studying in another country is not always easy and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are comfortable and well looked after while you are in Bristol. We want you to be happy, healthy and safe. We also want you to have fun, learn lots of English and have the best time of your life! Nothing is too much trouble for us. We are all here to help you really enjoy your time in Bristol!

Margaret Duncan

Director / Welfare Officer

John Duncan

Director / Welfare Officer

Andrew Edwards


Mark Calland

Vice-Principal / Academic Director
First Aider

Pete Clark

Director of Studies/Teacher

Neil Mullens

Marketing & IT Manager / Teacher

Kate Jackson

First Aider

Pippa Nightingale

Accommodation Manager / Welfare Officer

Georgie Newcombe

Admissions and Accommodation Officer

Karen Jones

Finance Assistant

Sundar Muthuganesan

Residence Manager

Camilla Griffiths

Residence Manager

Ginnie Mallinson

Social Organiser / Teacher

Liz Birch

Social Programme Assistant

Leo Yong

Young Adult Residence Manager

Ellie Bye

Young Adult Residence Manager

Harry Ranger

Young Adult Residence Manager / Teacher

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