Cambridge C2 Proficiency CPE Examination Course

Your Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) Exam Preparation course in Bristol

At ELC Bristol, depending on your level, you can prepare for the Cambridge English B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) or C2 Proficiency (CPE) exams.

ELC Bristol has a long history of preparing students for the Cambridge English exams. We are one of only a few schools that regularly offer Proficiency preparation classes.

The objectives of the course will be based on the syllabus in the coursebook selected by the teachers and on the needs and requests of the students in the class. The main class teacher makes a programme for the class each week with these objectives in mind.

Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) Classes

The Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) examination preparation course at ELC Bristol will enable students to develop the grammar, vocabulary and all the necessary skills and techniques that they need to do well in the exam. On two afternoons a week, students get additional practice for the writing paper and other parts of the exam. On the other two afternoons, they can choose one of the elective classes.

We do not believe in just practising with past papers. When you start the course, we first familiarise you with the exam. Then, as with the ELC Bristol General English courses, we focus on the 4 skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This way, we help you reach the level of English required to pass the exams.

Course facts

  • Courses include 21 full hours of classroom time per week (including elective classes).
  • Average class size: 10. Maximum: 14.
  • You should be at least C2 before joining a Cambridge Proficiency class.
  • Minimum period of enrolment: 4 weeks.
  • At the start of your course, you are given a Cambridge exam course book which forms the basis for your studies and comprehensively covers the Cambridge syllabus.
  • You can take the Cambridge exams in the local examination centre, which is a 15 minute walk from the school.
  • Your ‘main’ teacher will co-ordinate your overall programme with a clear focus on student learning and progress. You will have up to three teachers each day.

Your level

Depending on your level, at ELC Bristol you can prepare for the Cambridge English First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency (CPE) exams.

If you would like to join a Cambridge course and we are not sure if you have the right level, we will ask you to do a Cambridge pre-test.

Your tests and assessments

Exam practice is given throughout the Cambridge exam course at ELC Bristol but especially in the weeks leading up to the exam. Mock exams are usually held two or three weeks before the exams take place.

At ELC Bristol, Cambridge exam preparation courses are not ‘closed’, which means that students can join the course at a later date if they are not able to attend the full period. However, the minimum period of enrolment is 4 weeks.

Most, but not all, class members are exam candidates. A few of our long-term General English students also ask to join the exam preparation classes at ELC Bristol.

Course fees for the CPE exam preparation course are the same as our normal General English course fees. The Cambridge CPE exam is taken at the local exam centre in Bristol and the exam fee is payable direct to the exam centre.

Your electives and options

You can choose from a range of electives on two afternoons (three hours) a week. There are generally five or six electives on offer, although these vary according to demand.

Sample Timetable - 28 lessons (21 hours) a week

09:15 - 10:0010:00 - 10:4510:45 - 11:1511:15 - 12:0012:00 - 12:4512:45 - 14:0014:00 - 14:4514:45 - 15:3015:45 - 16:45
Grammar using a suitable, modern course bookListening / Pronunciation practice can include work in the multimedia centreBreakReading skills & vocabulary buildingSpeaking skills & vocabulary buildingLunch breakMonday & Wednesday
Writing/exam practiceListening & study skills

Tuesday & Thursday
For Levels A2 - B1
Speaking & pronunciationListening & vocabulary

For Levels B2 - C2
Writing/exam practice

ELC Bristol Cambridge examination results:

2020 Results

 Students taking examNumber who passedPass RateABCCE
Cambridge English: First (FCE)131077%0193-CE B1
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)12867%0264-CE B2
Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)131077%3433-CE C1

2019 Results

 Students taking examNumber who passedPass RateABCCE
Cambridge English: First (FCE)564275%173414-CE B1
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)655483%5163311-CE B2
Cambridge English: Prodiciency (CPE)191684%4573-CE C1

2018 Results

 Students taking examNumber who passedPass RateABCCE
Cambridge English: First (FCE)524179%143611-CE B1
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)615285%523249-CE B2
Cambridge English: Prodiciency (CPE)141286%4442-CE C1

If you have dyslexia, you may be able to get extra time in the exam. Please bring with you a recent (last 2 years) certificate translated into English. The Cambridge exam centre in Bristol will need to see this when you apply for the exam.

* In June the exams are held in the week after the end of the course, so students should book an extra week’s accommodation (if required).

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