University Clubs and Societies and Students’ Union

A great thing about studying at ELC Bristol is that we have close links with the local university - something that very few language schools have - so our students can really benefit from this and can get to meet and engage with British and international university students.

The Bristol University Students' Union building is only 15 minutes' walk from ELC 's main school building.

With your ELC student card, you are able to use the facilities in the Bristol University Students' Union

You can also join many of the clubs and societies - a great way to make British friends! See below for more information.


Students' Union Facilities

Anson Rooms - Fantastic live music venue

Balloon Cafe and Bar - Café selling fairtrade coffee and delicious food and snacks at student prices.

Shop - The shop on the ground floor sells snacks and is also a great place to get Bristol souvenirs. You can also buy many of them online.

    Clubs and Societies

    Students at the English Language Centre Bristol are able to join many of the university clubs and societies. This is a brilliant way to meet university students and practise your English! 

    University Union
    There are over 400 University Clubs and Societies!

    Bristol University has a huge number of clubs and societies, from Cheese Tasting to Sky Diving.

    If you have a hobby at home which you would like to continue while you are a student in Bristol, have a look at the Students' Union Clubs & Societies page of the university website and see if there is something for you.

    A few restrictions

    You will not have access to the University Sports Centre. This means you will not be able to train with the university sports team or play in any BUSA league games (games between the different British universities).

    Please also remember that the university clubs are only active from the end of September until May the following year. However, there is also the opportunity throughout the year for you to join one of the other clubs in the city and meet local Bristolians!

    How to join Bristol University Clubs & Societies

    1. Go to the Bristol University Students' Union Groups & Societies website.

    2. Search for the club or society you are interested in.

    3. Email the club first to see if they have space for you to join. Here is an email template for you to use.

    4. Once they confirm that you are able to join, you need to became an 'Associate Member'. You then go to the Associate Membership Group Page and follow the instructions given at the end, under the heading "How do I purchase Associate Membership?".  Firstly, you need to create a guest account and then you need to fill in the correct form. Finally, once you receive a confirmation email saying that you have been approved for membership, you can click on the orange 'Join This Group' button at the bottom of the Associate Membership Group Page.

    Please note: the annual membership fee is currently £25 and you will probably have to pay for each session as well. Prices vary depending on the club.

    Nothing is too much trouble for us. We are here to help you!

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