Safety and Security

Road Safety

In England we drive on the left-hand side of the road!  When you cross the road, look right first!  Use zebra crossings when possible. If you want to ride a bike, first look at the guidelines on the school website.


The school is a public building. Don’t leave credit cards, passports, money or other valuables lying around in bags. Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. Please
note that you can pay school fees directly at any bank, or via our preferred online payment system, Flywire. You don’t need to withdraw large sums of cash and bring it in to school. We suggest you lock your valuables in your suitcase and leave the suitcase in your room. We would advise you don’t carry your passport or ID around with you unless necessary, such as if you are trying to open a bank account or need ID to prove your age at a pub or club. We would advise you don’t walk around the city with your earphones in and holding your mobile phone out in front of you unless necessary (eg. checking a message or directions) as this might attract thieves. Also it is important for you to be aware of your surroundings and when crossing roads and your phone can be a distraction in a new city. It’s also a good idea to keep your wallet in your front pocket.

Student Cards

We strongly recommend that you get an ELC Bristol student card on arrival and carry it with you at all times. It is a useful form of identification (you don’t need to carry your passport in England). With the card, you can use the University Students’ Union and its facilities including the restaurants and the swimming pool as well as Clifton College’s gym and pool, but most importantly, it has the emergency school telephone number on the back (+44 7969782846). In case of emergency, do not hesitate to call. Also on the back, there is the telephone number of the Social Programme Organiser (you should call this number if you cannot remember where to meet or when the school buses are leaving etc) and also the telephone number of the property manager.


The student card has the telephone number of the school doctor. However, if you wish to make a routine appointment, please ask at the school office. If you have a serious accident, do not wait to see the doctor, go straight to the hospital (Bristol Royal Infirmary – Accident and Emergency Department). For free 24 hour emergency medical advice, call 111.

Getting home at night

We are not saying that Bristol is a dangerous city but, as in every city, especially where there are a lot of young people, it is better to be careful when going home at night. Try to avoid walking home alone, particularly long distances or in dark areas, parks etc. We also advise against being in the City Centre late at night, especially after the pubs and clubs have closed. The Whiteladies Road, Clifton Village and top end of Park Street areas are always full of university students and are much better areas than the City Centre.

It is a very good idea to find out which other students live near you. You can walk home together or share a taxi depending on the distance. If you are not sure which students live near you, ask the other students which areas they live in or ask for help at the school office.


If you would like to take a taxi, it is best to telephone a taxi company in advance and ask them to pick you up. There is a taxi number on the back of the student card – Veezu Cars: (+44117 9252626). If you want to catch a taxi in the street, make sure it is a licensed taxi. These taxis have special yellow plates on the front and back which indicate that they are licensed by Bristol City Council. You should not take an unlicensed taxi.


Bristol is a lively, interesting city. We want you to have fun. Enjoy yourself but be sensible!

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