Opening A Bank Account


If you are only in the UK for a short while, it may not be necessary to open an account as you can usually use your debit card (from your own country) to withdraw cash from ATM machines. You should ask for the withdrawal to be calculated in GB Pounds rather than in your own currency as you usually get a better rate.

If you open a bank account here

  • You can transfer money to this account from abroad
  • You can get cash from ATM machines.
  • Avoids keeping large amounts of cash.
  • If you are enrolled on a course for more than 6 months, you will get a card which you can use to pay for things in shops.

The main banks in the UK are HSBCSantander and Lloyds. These are all located near the school on Whiteladies Road or Queens Road.

Which bank is best for you?

This is difficult to say because they all offer a similar service. All UK banks will offer you a debit card which you can use to get cash from ATM machines. If you are unsure of which bank would suit your needs, the best thing to do is to go into the bank and speak to an employee for help and advice.

To open a bank account follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the office and ask for a ‘Bank letter.’ You will be asked to fill in a form stating a few details, including which bank you want to join, your current address and address in your home country.
  • Take this letter, along with your passport, to one of the following banks: HSBC, Santander or Lloyds.
  • If you have arranged your own accommodation and you are not staying in school accomodation, then you will need a bank letter from us and also a document from your landlord/landlady confirming your address.

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