Cycling is a great way to get around the city. It’s quick, cheap and good for your health and fitness. Follow the tips below from Sustrans, a charity that promotes cycling in the UK, for safety advice:

1. Cycling safely

  • Follow the Highway Code – don’t jump red lights and don’t cycle on the pavement unless it’s a designated cycle path.
  • In wet weather watch your speed as surfaces may be slippery and it will take you longer to stop.
  • Ride positively, decisively, and well clear of the kerb.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Keep your bike roadworthy.

2. Make sure motorists can see you

  • Ride in a position where you can see and be seen.
  • Use lights and consider wearing bright or reflective clothing at night and in bad weather.
  • Make eye contact with other road users, especially at junctions, then you know they’ve seen you.
  • Signal clearly at all times.
  • Use your bell - not all pedestrians can see you.

3. Be aware of vehicles

Many collisions occur when a cyclist is on the inside of a vehicle which is turning left. Don’t assume the vehicle is going straight ahead just because it isn’t signalling left. Always avoid ‘undertaking’ any vehicle in this situation – it’s better to hang back until the vehicle has moved off.

Never cycle along the inside of large vehicles, such as lorries and buses, especially at junctions, where most accidents happen.

When turning left, a lorry will often pull out to the right first, creating a wide gap between the vehicle and the kerb. Many cyclists think it’s safe to ride into this space, but this is a dangerous place to be as the gap quickly disappears when the lorry swings around to the left.

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