Council Tax is a system of local taxation which is paid monthly and covers the costs of local services, such as refuse collections, street lighting, emergency services, etc.

Everybody over the age of 18 years is obliged to pay and the cost ranges from approximately £100 to £180 per month, depending on the property and the neighbourhood.

Our students who choose to live with a homestay family or in self-catering accommodation, arranged by the school, do not have to pay Council Tax. However, if you choose to live in private accommodation which you arrange yourself then this is an extra cost that you will need to consider as you will have to pay this tax.

Full time students in the UK are usually eligible for exemption. However, Bristol City Council has decided that students on courses at language schools in Bristol must pay this tax. The school has tried to campaign for this to be changed but at the present time Council Tax does have to be paid.

If you are the only person living in your property then you can apply for a discount of 25%.

At the moment, students living in areas of Bristol which are part of South Gloucestershire are still granted full exemption (South Gloucestershire is part of a different council). This includes areas of the city such as Bradley Stoke, Filton and Patchway. However, you will need a car if you live in any of these areas as they are quite far from Clifton, the area where the school is.

Council Tax can be paid by direct debit, online ( or in cash at any local pay- point.

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