Quality Assurance Policy

How does ELC Bristol measure quality?

ELC Bristol has always had a good reputation but it is not enough to just say that as it can lead to complacency. We really need to know how we are doing compared to how we have done in the past, to address areas that need to be improved and to look at new avenues for development and for taking the school forward.

The senior management team, which is made up of the Directors, Principal, Vice- Principal, Director of Studies, Registrar and Accommodation team, meet formally twice a year to discuss the Quality Development Plan, which forms the basis for discussion and points are reviewed, updated and added and time scales and goals are set. The QD plan provides a record of achievements and points which still need addressing. Senior managers also meet much more frequently in smaller groups to address specific issues as and when they arise.

Key quality indicators include:

  • Student numbers and nationality mix
  • First week, mid-course and leavers’ reports - stats. and analysis of feedback
  • Exam Results – pass rates (www.elcbristol.co.uk/classes/exams)
  • Value-added learner outcomes (progress, exit and IELTS tests analysis)
  • Teachers’ stats. – qualifications, experience post-CELTA and length of service.
  • Student attendance rates. (stats. – overall attendance + by class, nationality and by term)
  • Extenders’, repeaters’ and shortened bookings’ stats. (reports: extenders, repeaters and shortened bookings)
  • GEL and Clarity suite stats.
  • Accommodation stats., feedback, numbers used and average walking distance + self-catering occupancy rates

Other matters discussed and analysed as they arise include:

  • British Council, QE and IALC inspection reports
  • Student and Teacher focus groups
  • Professional Development
  • Social Programme stats.
  • English Out There stats.
  • Students numbers per class
  • Complaints
  • Other feedback (from teachers, Educational Tour Operators, accommodation providers and other sources)