Gifted & Talented Students Policy

ELC welcomes students of a wide range of abilities, each perceived as being a unique individual with great potential.

It is the school’s aim to provide a pleasant and challenging educational environment which stimulates the development of all students and enables them to maximise their potential. It is recognised that within the school community there are occasionally students of exceptionally high ability who have requirements that need to be addressed by the school. The school believes that every student is entitled to tuition that is appropriate to their needs and that success should be fostered at every level.

Normally it is relatively straightforward for us to cater for students with exceptional ability as we divide the classes up according to the students’ ability in the language, ranging from elementary to advanced level.

However, when we become aware that a student in our highest level class is clearly superior in ability to the other students, the main teacher of the class talks to them individually and then offers them suitable extra work. They also make an effort to incorporate an element of more challenging work into the timetable, provided that it’s not to the detriment of the other students in the class. If this fails to satisfy the student, we may then suggest that they do some voluntary work or urge them to join one of the University societies in order to enable them to mix more with native speakers and encounter a more stimulating level of English.

We also have the option of offering the student private tuition instead of attending a financially equivalent number of classes in order to ensure that the course can be much more closely tailored to their needs.

When we learn of a student with exceptional talent in an extra-curricular activity we endeavour to put them in contact with an appropriate local club or society.