E) Safer Recruitment Policy

ELC Bristol is now part of the Clifton College Education Group so we follow the College's Safer Recruitment Policy. For a full copy of this policy, please click here and then go to the Safer Recruitment Policy (# 39).

Homestays, Group Leaders and other Service Providers

* ELC retains responsibility for recruiting homestays including those accommodating students under 18 year olds. As advised by Accreditation UK, the main carer is required to have a satisfactory DBS check undertaken before under 18s are placed with them and every 3 years thereafter and to tick the ‘Working at home address’ box (equivalent to box 66 on the DBS’s own application from) to ensure that suitable checks are carried out on all adults at that address.
If a check for a new homestay is delayed or has not arrived in time, the homestay hosts cannot receive under 18s until a check has been received.

* The school will also require any agents/schools or group leaders accompanying groups with students under the age of 18 to provide confirmation or evidence that the group leaders have current police good conduct certificates or similar from their country of origin.

* As far as other service providers are concerned (taxis and bus companies for example), ELC requires a guarantee in writing from each company that all staff used by ELC are DBS checked.