E) Safer Recruitment Policy

E1 / E2) Overview and Recruitment Materials

The school is committed to safe recruitment practices for all staff who may have unsupervised contact with under 18 year olds. This includes school staff, the main carer in a homestay and other adults in the household, group leaders and other providers such as transport companies. It is delivered at every stage of the recruitment process – in the application pack information, at the application process stage, in the invitation to interview letter, during the interview and through our suitability checks.

E3) Recruitment stages for all

All teaching and administrative staff and homestay providers are subject to the school’s DBS check procedure. As far as service providers (taxi and bus companies, for example) are concerned, we require a guarantee in writing from each company that all staff used by ELC students are DBS checked. The school recognises that DBS and police checks are not the only safeguarding measure that organisations should apply at the point of selecting an individual to work closely with children. Therefore, for staff roles, the school always takes up references and checks an individual’s employment history and will check any gaps in an applicant’s CV. A Prohibited list check is also be carried out for anyone who has been in teaching work or worked in in the regulated education sector, eg as Teaching Assistants.

Returning summer teachers will also be asked to provide another reference from their most recent employer. References for any person who may have contact with under 18 year olds will include a question about their suitability to work with young people under the age of 18 and whether they have been subject to any disciplinary action.

Interviews also include questions that ask about a candidate’s attitude to and expectations of working with U18s and what safeguarding involves.

The school will also require any agents/schools or group leaders accompanying groups with students under the age of 18 to provide confirmation or evidence that the group leaders have current police good conduct certificates or similar from their country of origin.

Overseas police checks

Any teachers who have spent a period of one year or more based abroad in the last 3 years (including returning teachers) will also be required to produce a current police good conduct certificate from the country where they have been working. If the certificate is delayed, we will take additional care with the other checks and request a third reference. It is also our policy to check that teachers from the EEA do not have restrictions imposed in their own country. We carry out Prohibited List checks on all teachers, which will cover any teachers who have worked in the state system within the EEA.

E4) Information for applicants

Applicants are informed prior to interview that for staff roles, the school always takes up references and checks an individual’s employment history and will check any gaps in an applicant’s CV. The school’s application packs also clearly state that we are committed to safeguarding and that suitability checks including DBS checks will be carried out for all staff before appointment. All applicants will also be asked to read the school’s Safeguarding Policy and the Code of Conduct at the pre-interview stage.

E5 / E7) Applicants awaiting DBS or where criminal checks are not possible

Where a new member of staff, is not able to provide a satisfactory check (including where the check is delayed or has not arrived in time) and it is deemed unavoidable by the DSL that they start work without clearance, the school will ensure a Barred list check is done beforehand and a risk assessment is carried out, that a self-declaration is signed and that the unchecked person is not allowed to work with under 18s unsupervised. For this reason homestay hosts cannot receive under 18s until a check has been received. For a British national returning to the UK after working overseas where the authorities have not provided a certificate of good conduct, we request a DBS check for their UK records and take special care with other checks such as ID, qualifications, information on CVs and references. In such cases we ask for a 3rd reference and we make sure at least one reference is checked verbally, preferably from somebody who has seen the applicant working with under 18s.

For overseas nationals, we document what action has been taken to obtain a check and why it has not been possible, take additional care with other checks such as ID, qualifications, employment history and references. Based upon these findings, a judgement is then made with regard to suitability for the role and the level of supervision following the Delayed suitability checks guidance/risk assessment document.

E8) Recruitment of homestays

In homestays accommodating under 18 year olds, as advised by Accreditation UK, the main carer is required to have a satisfactory DBS check undertaken before under 18s are placed with them and every 3 years thereafter and to tick the ‘Working at home address’ box (equivalent to box 66 on the DBS’s own application from) to ensure that suitable checks are carried out on all adults at that address.

E9) Single central registers/records

  • To ensure that all necessary pre-appointment checks have been done for all staff /homestays/group leaders we have two grids – one for homestays and one for school staff and group leaders. These registers can only be accessed by Senior Management and the Senior Members of the Safeguarding Team This central records act as a record/checklist of the following information:
  1. Identity – name, address, DOB
  2. Start date
  3. Role in organisation
  4. Qualifications
  5. DBS certificate
  6. Barred list check
  7. Overseas Police check – check required (Y/N), received (Y/N)
  8. Right to work in the UK
  9. Prohibited list check (for teachers)
  10. 2 references (+ extra one for returners or those with delayed DBS checks)
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