D) Training

D1) Responsibility

The DSL (Vice Principal) has overall responsibility for ensuring that all adults have training to the appropriate level. The DSL will be assisted in this task by the DSS 1 (The Admissions Officer). Training must take place before any staff or contractors come into contact with children. At ELC the expected level of training is:

DSLLevel 3 Advanced Safeguarding
+ Safer Recruitment (as DSL is responsible for recruiting staff)
ADSLsLevel 3 Advanced Safeguarding + the ADSL (Accommodation
Manager) has also been trained in safer recruitment as she is
responsible for recruiting homestay families
DSS 1Level 2 Advanced Safeguarding
All teachersLevel 1 Basic Awareness Training – online followed by face to
face training with DSL or Nigel Heritage (English UK)
All admin staffLevel 1 Basic Awareness Training – online followed by face to
face training with DSL or our safeguarding consultant
All homestay providersLevel 1 Basic Awareness Training online + 1:1 with ADSL
(Accommodation Manager) during visit.
HandymanLevel 1 Basic Awareness Training (online and with ADSL)
VisitorsUnaccompanied visitors are given safeguarding leaflets which
they are expected to read before being allowed into the school

D2) Delivering Training

Level 1 Training includes

  • Raising awareness that everyone is involved (staff & other adults) and that everyone has a legal Duty of Care to safeguard
  • Making sure everyone knows who ELC’s Designated Safeguarding Staff are and how to contact them (there are posters with photos in every classroom)
  • Knowing the systems for reporting concerns
  • Information on how to recognise signs on abuse
  • Receive copy of (condensed) safeguarding policy and know where to find full policy
  • Code of Conduct; expectations of behaviour from all adults working with under 18s
  • Awareness that all staff have a duty to look out for each other's behaviour and report anything inappropriate (whistleblowing), and will be supported and things kept confidential if they do
  • Prevent training

Level 2 and 3 Training

  • All members of ELC’s Safeguarding team receive level 2 or level 3 training with Nigel Heritage (English UK)

Refresher Training

As serious safeguarding issues are unlikely to happen frequently, ELC believes it is important that the DSL and ADSLs ensure that full refresher training for staff happens annually and for homestay providers every time they are visited by the Accommodation manager (annually).

The DSL will undergo full refresher training every 2 years and then filter it down to the rest of the safeguarding team at the earliest available opportunity.

In addition there are:

  • Updates on policy, brief reminders, questions and feedback in staff meetings once every main term and at the start of the summer courses.
  • References to safeguarding in homestay newsletters
  • Formal refresher training sessions are arranged separately for admin and for teachers and the DSL ensures the safeguarding focus is different for different roles.

As part of the annual Safeguarding Audit, the Safeguarding Team review the training that has taken place in the year, making sure that it is current and up to date. This is overseen by Nigel Heritage, our Independent Safeguarding Consultant.


  • Visitors are given a flyer on arrival (see attached), explaining that there are under 18s in school and listing key expectations of the visitor's behaviour whilst around those students.

Other related training

  • Training sessions arranged by Bristol Safeguarding in Education Team – attended by members of ELC’s safeguarding team. See Safeguarding Training notes in S-drive
  • First Aid training (7 staff)
  • Mental Wellbeing training (4 staff)
  • Fire Marshall Training (5 staff)
  • Prevent Training for DSL rolled out to all
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