Covid-19 Policy


Your safety is our priority - updated 29 June 2021

Please check the current UK government guidelines as the situation may change from day to day.

What to expect:

• You must not travel to the UK if you, or any of the people you have had contact with in the 2 weeks before you travel, are showing symptoms of Covid-19.
• Some countries are currently on the 'red list' and students from those countries should check that they are allowed to enter the UK.
• If you are coming to the UK from another country, you are required, on departure, to show a negative COVID-19 test result taken during the 3 days before travelling to England. If you do not present proof of a negative test result, you may not be able to board your plane.
• On arrival in the UK, you must quarantine for 10 days in your accommodation in Bristol, unless you do a day 5 Test to Release test and get a negative result before the end of the 10 days. You must still do the day 8 test even if you get a negative Test to Release result. During your quarantine period, you can attend your classes on-line.
• Before leaving your country, you must complete a passenger locator form to show where you will be staying in Bristol. You will have to show your passenger locator form and your negative test result when you check in on departure at the airport in your country.
• On departure from the airport in your country, you will also have to show that you have pre-booked a ‘travel test package’ which will allow you to test yourself twice when you arrive in the UK. This test package costs £210 and is sent by post to your address in Bristol. The self-test package allows you to do your own COVID-19 tests on day 2 and day 8 after your arrival. Your arrival date is counted as day 0. Use this link to book your travel test package.
• After day 10 or after you have received your day 5 Test to Release result, provided you have received a negative test result, you can leave your accommodation and come into school 😊

You are expected to ‘social distance’ at all times. In the UK, that means a minimum of 1 metre (2 metres if possible). If only one metre is possible, then you should take other precautions, such as wearing a mask, facing the same direction or spending a minimum of time together.
You should bring a supply of masks with you. You must wear them in shops, on public transport and in the communal areas of the school.
Lessons are face-to-face in school but with all the necessary social distancing and safety precautions in place.

Limits on the number of people you can see socially are changing and restrictions have slowly been lifted in stages. It is hoped that many, if not all, of the restrictions will be able to be lifted on 19 July, 2021.

To see what is open in Bristol, check this Visit Bristol link.

What can you expect in homestays?

We have provided guidance to our homestay hosts on how best to keep themselves and their students safe at home.
We are only providing single room accommodation, except for family members travelling together.
We have measures in place in case you need to self-isolate in your homestay, in line with current government guidance.
We will ensure backup/emergency accommodation is available should it be needed.
We communicate regularly with our host families on the latest government guidance on social distancing regulations.
We are only using existing host families that we know and trust.
We identify hosts in high risk groups and avoid placing students there.

What can you expect in the school residences?

Students staying in self-catering accommodation are provided with clear guidance to ensure their safety.
We have carried out measures to ensure the residences are COVID-19 safe.
Common areas in the self-catering residences will be sanitised daily and cleaned weekly. Students will be expected to keep the houses clean and work surfaces clear.
We have measures in place in case you need to self-isolate in line with current government guidance. Students required to isolate are kept apart from the other (non-quarantining) students.
We will ensure backup/emergency accommodation is available should it be needed.
Our two Residence Managers live at the residence with you and are there to help you when needed.
Visitors from other households are strictly not permitted during this period.

What if ………………? Do you have any questions

Do I have to quarantine? How long do I have to spend in quarantine?

All international students arriving in the UK currently have to quarantine for 10 full days. During the quarantine period you are welcome to stay with your homestay or in our school residence. During the 10 days, you can attend the school classes on-line. You will be able to leave quarantine after 10 full days and come into school provided you have a negative result from your day 8 test.

Watch this video to see how Laetitia, our amazing proficiency student, kept herself busy during her 10 days of quarantine in St John's House, ELC Bristol's school residence.

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

We encourage you to arrange a taxi transfer with one of our trusted transfer providers instead of using public transport. If you choose to travel by public transport, you must wear a face mask. Please be prepared to pay by contactless card payment. Safety measures include: Only 1 passenger in the taxi, unless family members are travelling together. You and the driver both wear face masks and there will be hand sanitisers kept in the car for your use. The drivers wear gloves so they will be able to carry your luggage.

What if I get COVID or symptoms of Covid-19 while I am in Bristol?

You must stay at home and not go outside. You must not mix with or go close to people you live with until you have had a test and a negative test result. Telephone the school. We will help to arrange for you to be tested. While you wait for the test results, you must self-isolate.
During your period of self-isolation, you can attend the lessons on-line.

What happens if I have to self-isolate while I am in Bristol?

You must stay in your accommodation and self-isolate. If you are staying in a school residence you may be asked to change your room. You can order food on-line and we will make sure it is delivered to your room. If you are with a homestay family and self-isolating, they will look after you. If this is not possible, then we will provide suitable alternative accommodation. Homestay families will provide food for your lunch (+ £5.00 per day).
During self-isolation, you can join your normal class on-line every day.

Do ELC’s normal terms and conditions apply?

Yes, generally the school’s normal conditions apply as set out on the school website, however, due to COVID we are making some special allowances – see below.

What if I want to cancel my course before I arrive?

For courses booked after 1st April 2021, you may cancel your course with no costs up to 7 days before your course start date. We will refund your fees and any accommodation payment you have made in full, less any bank charges. If you have booked though an agent, the refund will be given via the agent.
If you cancel under 7 days before your course start date, we will give you a credit voucher for your course. If you have booked our accommodation, we will charge you one week’s accommodation cancellation fee.

What if the school cancels my course before I arrive?

If, before you arrive, the school cancels your booking because we are unable to open , you can either
• attend the course on-line
• receive a credit voucher valid for one year
• receive a full refund (minus bank charges)
Credit vouchers can be used by you or another member of your family.

What if the UK government forces the school to close?

In the unlikely event of a Government shutdown, all courses will be moved online. You will be very welcome to stay in your accommodation and remain in the UK or return home and continue studying from there. If you do not wish to transfer to an online course, you will be offered a credit voucher for your tuition fees valid for one year from the last day of studying with us. Your unused accommodation fees will be refunded in full.

What if I choose to stop my course early?

Tuition fees are non-refundable. However, for courses booked before 30th September 2021, you will be issued with a credit voucher valid for one year and accommodation fees will be refunded less one full week’s notice.

Do I need insurance?

Please remember that as per our terms and conditions, our tuition fees are generally non-refundable, so we strongly recommend that you take out Student Travel Insurance before you come to the UK. Insurance should cover the loss of your fees and flights in case of cancellation or curtailment (shortening your course), medical expenses, personal injury, personal liability, overseas legal expenses and the loss of personal belongings and money.

How many other students will be studying with me the? Where will they come from?

Since reopening on August 3rd, 2020, we have welcomed students from the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.
Since 15 March 2021, we have had between 40 and 65 students enrolled in the school, most of them with us for face-to-face lessons in school, with a few others joining those classes and studying online.

Advice and expectations are based on current UK government guidance (updated 6/7/21).

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